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The Bible says to build our house on a rock so that it has a strong foundation Matthew 7:24-27 . Jesus is to be our foundation, our rock and the house is our life, so how do we build our life on Jesus? We do it by knowing Gods word and living the way it tells us to. If we say that we love God and what to serve Him then our greatest possession will be our Bible and the most important time of the day for us is the time we set aside to spend with God. This time is what we should be building our schedules around.

First we determine how much time we want to spent with God and when that will be then the rest of the schedule revolves round that. I like to give God the first part of my day – the first fruits as the Bible says – so I start my day focused on God. I get up a 4:00 am so that I have time to do so before work. That means sacrifice. That means I am in bed no later than 9:00 so I can be awake and ready when the alarm goes off.

You have to decide for yourself when you spend time with Him. Maybe you give up spending time with your coworkers at lunch and spend your break with God instead. It’s up to you. There are no written rules as to when you spend time with God only that you need to do it daily.

What you do during that time is also between you and God. I like to read the Bible through every year it gives me a good overview of what God says. Other people follow different plans. Pray about it and see what God is leading you to do. The most important thing is that you spend time with Him every day building your life on the foundation of Jesus’ word.

This season give God the gift of your time. Show Him He is important to you by you wanting to spend quality time with Him

Psalm 1:1-3

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