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Reading through the Bible is a great way to get an overview of what God wants you to know. However, to really get to know God you need to study it. It is by study that we gain wisdom and true knowledge of who God is, His love for us, what He wants us to know, and how He wants us to act. Don’t worry if you don’t know how, pray about it and ask God to show you recourses that will help you, or study groups to join. There are studies on almost every topic available at Christian supply stores and online. One I have just started using is “Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods” I like it because it teaches me methods to study God’s word myself. I can choose the topic and the study method I want to do. But He also has a suggested list that teaches the methods in an order that is logical and progressive. I found it on Amazon’s website but you can probably get it lots of places.

Maybe this Season is a good time to study Christmas topics such as the Christmas star – why did only the wise men see it? Or where are the Wiseman from? Or The Prophesies regarding the birth of Christ. The list goes on. Google is also a great resource for finding out more information.

If God’s word is precious to you show it by getting in and studying it. Search for God’s wisdom.

Joshua 1:8

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