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Are you struggling with something? Your marriage, your children ,your job, or lack of job, loneliness, money, health?

Did you know that God has answers for all these things and many more in His word?

When we are going through difficult times it is good to hear what God has to say about it and how He promises to help us through them. A GREAT way to do this I find is to Google “ Bible verses on healing” or whatever the topic and see what comes up. Then pray and ask God to show you which verses He wants you to concentrate on – there should be at least 3 verses on each topic you are dealing with – and copy them out.

Put the full list in your Bible or find them in your Bible and put post it notes on the page so you can find them easily and go over them at least twice a day. If the topic is ok for your family to see then stick them up all over your home so you see them often.

Keeping God’s promises in front of you helps you to focus on Him instead of the problem and you can relax in His love and His promise to never break a promise (Romans 4:20-21). This will fill you with His peace over the situation. You will be focused on the Rock and not on the storm.

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