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This season you may start to feel depressed about something that happened or didn’t happen. Instead of sitting there in the dumps I suggest you start to sing. I find that if I force myself to sing Praise and Worship songs when I am feeling down, the pain soon disappears and the wonder of God, His power and Majesty is soon all that remains.

It’s sometimes hard to get started but it’s worth it. You can sing songs that you know, or songs you create as you go, or some combination of the two. You can even sing the Psalms! After all they were written as songs. You can also just read Psalms or tell God how much you love Him and why. Uou don’t have to sing.

When I do this, things are put into perspective and I am filled with joy and a sense of freedom that I didn’t have before. You start to get your eyes off your problems and onto Jesus your Rock, your strength, your provider; and everything else seems small in comparison.

Please do not get me wrong Praise and Worship are also great when you are happy or in any other mood you come up with. It is always a GREAT time to praise God.

Psalm 103 Psalm 150